Scholarship in Switzerland by EPFL Excellence 2024

The EPFL Excellence Scholarship provides a restricted quantity of fellowships at the master’s level to students who have exceptional academic achievements. The scholarship includes a CHF 10,000 stipend every semester, guaranteed accommodation in a student residence, and a certificate of distinction upon completion of the programme. This released will provide a detailed analysis of the sequential procedure for applying for the EPFL Excellence Fellowship.

Summary of EPFL Excellence Scholarship
The country hosting the event is Switzerland.
Study Abroad: Pursue Education in Europe
Classification: Postgraduate Scholarships | Masters Scholarships | Fellowships
Countries that meet the requirements: All countries
Reward: CHF 10,000 every semester, including accommodation.
Expiry date: December 15, 2023
EPFL Excellence Scholarship Specifics:
The candidates are selected and the fellowships are granted based on the assessment of the candidates’ academic records.

The fellowship Committee, consisting of representatives from several EPFL sections, as well as members from the Associate Vice-Presidencies for Student Affairs and Outreach, and for Education, along with representatives from other school services, is responsible for selecting the candidates. The selection process for the Swiss Government Scholarships is quite competitive, with only approximately 3% of master’s students being awarded this financial support.

Qualification EPFL Excellence Fellowship 2024 Requirements:
To be eligible for the EPFL Excellence Scholarship, you must satisfy the following criteria:

EPFL awards a limited number of fellowships to the most qualified individuals based on their academic achievements.
These scholarships are designed for students who have demonstrated exceptional achievements throughout their pre-university education, encompassing both academic and non-academic pursuits.
Advantages of the EPFL Excellence Scholarship 2024
The cost per semester is CHF 10,000.
Reservation of a student room in student housing (for “external” candidates only)
A certificate of excellence is awarded upon completion of the master’s programme.
Fellowship recipients will bear full responsibility for financing all their expenses, including tuition fees, rents, and any related costs.
The fellowship will only be granted to fellowship holders who are enrolled as full-time EPFL students (as defined in section 4.6). The duration of the fellowship is limited to a maximum of 4 semesters (3 semesters for a 90-credit Master’s programme).
No extension is possible, even in case of a minor or for any other cause that might extend the term of studies.
In the case of a paid internship or Master’s project (refer to section 4.4), only three payments will be available (two for a 90-credit Master programme), on the condition that the renewal criteria are satisfied by the end of the first year (refer to section 3.1).
Spread this scholarship opportunity.
Documents necessary for EPFL Excellence Scholarship application
Candidates must be prepared to submit the following documents in order to apply:

Your curriculum vitae (CV).
Copy of your University degree(s), if already accessible.
Please provide comprehensive transcripts from all the universities you have attended.
A concise and focused declaration outlining the intended objectives or goals (with a maximum limit of 1000 words).
Please provide the contact information for three academic referees. Each referee will be requested to submit a recommendation letter on your behalf. However, if you hold a Bachelor’s degree from EPFL, ETH Zürich, a Swiss university, or FHS/HES, and are applying for a Master’s programme in the same field of study, you are exempt from this requirement.
Either your identity card or passport.
Candidates pursuing a second master’s degree at EPFL are ineligible for an excellence fellowship.

Documents must be written exclusively in English, French, German, or Italian. Please participate in the authorised translation of all documents into another language.

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