Screenprinting with Screentec Aqua Art Water Based Screen Ink

Aqua Art Inks are recognised as amongst the finest inks for water based screenprinting and are manufactured in the UK by Screentec Print Essentials. Being manufactured from single pigments, the inks deliver intense, saturated color and perform optimally for color mixing. We are very excited to have added Screentec Aqua Art Water Based Screen Ink … Read more

Inside the Sketchbook of Sarah Dyer

Sarah Dyer is a picture book maker and illustrator whose sketchbooks provide the foundation of her ideas, compositions and experiments with a blend of dry and occasionally wet media. The pages of her sketchbooks are a place for learning, packed with narrative sequences, online life drawings and observational drawing on location. Here, she shares her … Read more

Glastonbury-on-sea pier painting at The Glastonbury Festival, Somerset Liam O’Farrell

Glastonbury-on-Sea pier painting at The Glastonbury Festival, Somerset The great debut of the last festival, held in 2019, was the Glastonbury-on-sea pier, designed by The Mutoid Waste Company. The festival, however, is many miles from the sea, so it looked striking and rather dream-like up high on a hill, overlooking the Somerset countryside. It was … Read more

Oil painting of the allotment in Pilton, Somerset showing vegetables & shed Liam O’Farrell

An oil painting of the allotment in Pilton, Somerset During the lockdowns, I decided to embark on a large project based in my home village of Pilton, Somerset. I mused over a few ideas but finally settled on the village allotment. Over the years I have painted many allotments, some real locations and many manufactured … Read more

Colour Mixing with the Roman Szmal Aquarius Mixing Palette Watercolour Set

Roman Szmal Aquarius Watercolours have a growing popularity thanks to their vast range of single pigment colours. Here, Lisa Takahashi reviews the 14 full pan Mixing Palette set, and puts their color mixing potential to the test. Roman Szmal Aquarius Watercolor paints are a range of professional artist grade colors that are made in Poland. … Read more

The New English Art Club’s (NEAC) Annual Exhibition Liam O’Farrell

My painting is exhibiting at The New English Art Club’s (NEAC) Annual Open Exhibition 2022 I was delighted to learn that my painting ‘A bee in a country allotment’ (yes, there is a bee in there) has been selected for The New English Art Club’s (NEAC) Annual Open Exhibition at the Mall Galleries in Central … Read more

A Guide to Oil Painting – What You Need to Get Started

In this film, Lisa Takahashi covers everything you need to know about getting started in oil painting, including pigments, brushes, palettes, and much more. Watch the film and find a list of contents with timestamps below to navigate your way through the various topics and commonly asked questions that Lisa discusses. Contents: Part One – … Read more

Art Terms Explained: Watercolour Painting

As artists, we encounter a vast amount of terminology while researching, reading and talking about our materials. In this installment of the ‘Art Terms Explained’ series, we explain the meaning of certain commonly-used words, phrases and terms in the context of watercolor painting. Bead / Beading Up Watercolours have a tendency to gather in pools … Read more

Inside the Sketchbook of Akash Bhatt

Akash Bhatt is a mixed media artist whose sketchbook practice is at the core of his work. Here, Akash describes his variety of different sketchbooks, including custom made books, designed for drawing at the different locations and situations he finds himself in, as an unrelenting observer of the world. Akash Bhatt Takes Us Through His … Read more