Kraze FX Splash Glam 12 One Stroke Metallic Split Cake Palette Product

I recently aquired the beautiful Kraze Splash Glam Palette and am excited to share its features with you. All the new Kraze metallic one strokes in one compact palette. It is perfect to expand your options for one-strokes and it doesn’t take up a lot of room in your kit! Let’s check it out! The … Read more

Inside the Sketchbook of Juliette Losq

Juliette Losq is an artist whose practice subverts the traditional use of watercolor through scale and complexity both in her paintings and installations. Her sketchbooks are packed with imagery and ideas that she gathers, cuts into, tears through and paints over, on the journey to develop her final compositions. Here, Juliette discusses her process in … Read more

Testing the Willow Wolfe Callia Brushes for Mixed Media

The Callia range of mixed media brushes by Willow Wolfe are designed with adaptability in mind: to be used for watercolour, acrylic, and oil paints. Instead of having a different brush range for each medium, Willow Wolfe handily combines them all into one. This makes them very versatile and adds to their value, particularly for … Read more

Inside the Sketchbook of Evie Hatch

Evie Hatch is an artist and writer whose sketchbook practice traverses her investigations into drawing, painting, pigments and paint making, as well as recording day-to-day notes. You may already be familiar with Evie from her writing here on the blog, so we’re thrilled to feature a deeper look into her personal practice and share her … Read more

Introducing Da Vinci Colineo: Vegan Brushes for Watercolour

Natural Kolinsky sable brushes are the traditional choice for watercolor artists, but more and more watercolourists are looking for excellent synthetic alternatives. Here, Lois Davidson reviews Da Vinci’s new Colineo range of synthetic Kolinsky sable watercolor brushes. Trying the new Da Vinci Kolinsky Colineo Brushes, from their new range of synthetic Kolinsky sable watercolor brushes, … Read more

Art Materials Recommendations by Artists at Jackson’s

Find out art materials recommendations from the team of painters, printmakers, illustrators and designers on the team at Jackson’s. These artists work closely with the vast range of materials available at and here they have selected some of their favorites and shared how they use the materials in their own art practice. Belle Arti … Read more

Screenprinting with Screentec Aqua Art Water Based Screen Ink

Aqua Art Inks are recognised as amongst the finest inks for water based screenprinting and are manufactured in the UK by Screentec Print Essentials. Being manufactured from single pigments, the inks deliver intense, saturated color and perform optimally for color mixing. We are very excited to have added Screentec Aqua Art Water Based Screen Ink … Read more