Dalhousie University Scholarships for the academic year 2024/2025 in Canada.

Dalhousie University, established in 1818, is a prestigious university situated in the lively city of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Throughout its history, this university has developed a notable reputation for academic excellence and originality, establishing itself as one of the most respected institutions not just in Canada but worldwide.

Dalhousie University is deeply dedicated to achieving academic success. The university’s academic programs are meticulously designed to provoke and motivate students. At this institution, students are actively pushed to expand their limits, cultivating vital abilities such as analytical thinking and effective problem-solving while also acquiring a deep understanding of their selected areas of study.

Dalhousie University recognizes the significance of experiential learning. It offers students the chance to participate in co-op programs, internships, and community participation, enabling them to put their classroom knowledge into practice in real-life situations.

Scholarship Description: University Hosting: Dalhousie University; Country Hosting: Canada;
Educational Level: Master’s and Doctoral Level;
Scholarship Category: Fully Financed;
Scholarship Value: $10,000 – $30,000; Eligible Countries: Students from all nations, both domestic and international;
Available Subjects: All Subjects
The deadline for applying is January 16th, 2024.
The opportunity to pursue higher education at Dalhousie University is now accessible to students worldwide. Dalhousie University provides abundant chances for intellectual advancement and exploration through fully financed scholarships, enabling individuals to start on a transformative journey.

Advantages of the scholarship:
Nova Scotia Graduate Scholarship:
Whether pursuing a master’s or doctoral degree, this scholarship has the potential to significantly alter one’s circumstances. Recipients at the master’s level are granted an annual sum of $10,000 for two years and have the option to extend this arrangement. Doctoral-level awardees receive a substantial annual sum of $15,000 for four years, with the possibility of extension.

Killam Predoctoral Scholarships are intended to provide support for students pursuing a Master’s (Level 1) or Doctoral (Level 2) degree. The scholarship provides Level 1 Master’s students with a maximum of $42,000 per year for two years. An extra $2,500 is assigned to cover international tuition fees and a relocation stipend, if necessary. Doctoral students at Level 2 are eligible to receive a maximum annual funding of $42,000 for three years. Additionally, they may also receive a relocation payment in case of necessary conditions.

Vitamin Scholarship offers exciting prospects for Master’s and Doctoral scholars. The scholarships are worth $19,000 for master’s students and $21,000 for doctoral students, covering a full academic year of 12 months.

The Abdul Majid Bader Graduate Scholarship is a highly esteemed award of $40,000 intended for individuals pursuing full-time academic studies for 12 months. What distinguishes it is its capacity to be renewed, subject to an annual evaluation of progress. Scholarship recipients can avail themselves of its advantages for a maximum duration of 24 months of full-time education. Nevertheless, it is crucial to acknowledge that this scholarship does not include fees, and beneficiaries are accountable for handling their expenses using the granted sum.

Eligibility Criteria for Master’s Students:

It is crucial to thoroughly examine the CGS-M Evaluation Criteria, as they form the basis for evaluating and prioritizing submissions. It is crucial to have a thorough comprehension of these criteria to create a competitive application.
When composing your application, employ unambiguous and direct language.
For individuals aspiring to get a doctoral degree:

Examine the specific requirements for the Harmonized CGS-Doctoral programs. These factors are crucial in the evaluation process and are necessary to comprehend.
Procedure for Applying:
First step: Development of the application

To create a new scholarship application or make changes to an existing one, simply choose from the options available in the “My Applications” section of your site. Kindly note that each applicant is permitted to submit only one application per competition. Therefore, we kindly request that you avoid submitting multiple applications for the Harmonized Scholarship.
Step 2: Enroll in the Master’s CGS-M program (if it is appropriate to you)

If you are a candidate pursuing a Master’s degree and taking part in the Tri-Agency CGS-M competition, you have the chance to select and integrate your CGS-M application into the Harmonized Scholarship Process. The deadline to opt in is December 1st, by the CGS-M application date established by the Tri-Agency.
Step 3: Uploading the Transcript

Ensure that you obtain authorized transcripts and submit them immediately via the scholarship portal, following the given application instructions.
Step 4: Letters of Reference

It is crucial to ensure that all reference letters are posted to the portal before the prescribed deadline: January 16, 2024, or February 15 for non-thesis applicants.
Embarking on the Path to Achieving Excellence

These stages outline the process for obtaining Dalhousie University scholarships, ensuring that your application is thorough and well-positioned for success. Embarking on this journey will grant you access to life-changing educational possibilities and lay the foundation for your academic success.

Official Website: To obtain further details, kindly refer to the university’s official website: https://www.dal.ca/admissions/money_matters/awards-financial-aid/scholarships.html

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