Webinar: On the Job Designs with Paty de Leon

In this webinar, learn On the Job Designs with Paty de Leon!

Design 1

I’m gonna load my brush with white. Start on the middle of the forehead with a circle. Then I’m gonna do the ears by doing a teardrops on both sides.

Do a little flick on the inside of the ears with pink just to give a little color there, and pink for the nose.

Now I’m grabbing a flat brush and a one stroke with greens; dark green, light green. Anything like that will do the job. I’m gonna load the brush, grabbing all the colors to be able to do the leaves. Just do leaves wherever you feel you can place one. I’m also gonna do little flicks to make it appear more grassy just to fill out the little gaps there.

Now I’m grabbing my Flora brush from Silly Farm. For the first step, I only have white on my brush. Start with two tiny petals. That serves as the back of each flower. Then I’m gonna grab FAB Yellow with a Round #4 and I’m gonna go in the middle of each flower–pressing with the tip of my brush on each flower to do the middle part. Lastly, I’m gonna go back with the same brush and close the flower but this time, I’m gonna grab white and a little bit of brown on the tip of my brush.

Grabbing my Aliyah Liner #1 Brush, I’m gonna put details on the face and start outlining. Outline the leaves, put flicks on the inside. I’m gonna try to outline very gently, nothing precise. I’m not going for perfection with the outline.

I’m grabbing a little orange just to go in each flower and do little dots.

I’m gonna finish by grabbing another brush and white just to do a few teardrops, swirls, and dots here and there.

Design #2

I’m going to be doing sponge work first and it’s gonna be on one eye.

With my filbert brush, we’re gonna shape the bird using white. Do flicks for the tail. The beak is also going to be with white.

I’m gonna do the feather with another filbert brush and yellow. Then with the same brush, I’m gonna grab a little bit of black with brown to do little flicks in the inside of the feathers.

Let me do the little rosy cheeks on the bird just for fun and then I’m gonna do the eye.

Now, let’s do some leaves here and there. Let’s also do a little flower using my Flora brush #6 with white and magenta.

I’m keeping it simple but you can do these kinds of flowers on the other side and do teardrops. It’s like an asymmetrical mask which is also very beautiful.

Design #3

I’m gonna use this Silly Farm Twilight Pixie Rainbow Cake, loading it on my sponge with all the colors. Sponge the color on over both eyes.

Now I’m grabbing an Aliyah Flat #8 brush and I’m gonna grab the colors on this cake to do the bear in the middle. I’m gonna do a circle for the head and both ears. Inside that, I’m gonna do another circle but this time the white should be the outer color. Do the bear’s arms too.

I’m gonna do the nose with a Round #4 brush. Then I’m gonna do heart-shaped glasses.

Now let’s do the eyes, the little cute surprised mouth, the heart nose. Then do the outline.

I’m loading my brush to do flowers on the sides which is white and a little brown on the tip of the brush. Now let me do the middle of the flowers with FAB Yellow and Loew-Cornell Flora #6.

Do some teardrops and some highlights here and there. Give her some glitter under the eyes. This one is from VIVID Glitter. I’m gonna match the purple color on her lips.

Products Mentioned in the Webinar:

Silly Farm Flora Brush
Loew-Cornell Flora #6 Brush
FAB Yellow
Aliyah Liner #1 Brush
Silly Farm Twilight Pixie Rainbow Cake
Aliyah Flat #8 Brush
Blazin Brush Flora Flat #6 Brush
VIVID Glitter Chunky Glitter Mixes

If you missed the live webinar, you can watch it now in the video above or later on our YouTube channel. Thank you, Paty, for sharing your talents with us! Thank you to everyone who tuned in to the webinar. Click here to know our upcoming webinars.

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