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Hello Peterborough & area families, businesses, and organizations. Here are some details on the face painting situation for 2022. (See the exciting news in Part 2!)

Part 1 — No Face Painting Yet… Here’s Why

Well, we’ve had a challenging couple of years. We’re all raring to get back to a normal life, and EVERYONE wants face painting services to resume. Unfortunately face painters deal with challenges beyond those of the general public.

– Many of our area’s children will not yet be vaccinated by this summer, and a number of families are making the decision to not get vaccinated at all. Heather-Feather’s Face Painting holds no political position on this topic and I myself simply wish safety, health, and fun for everyone.

– Face painters have to be up close, face-to-face with kiddo after kiddo when face painting. This puts everyone at risk, particularly as you can’t paint faces with masks on.

– As yet, research on how to disinfect face painting supplies in relation to covid-19 has understandably been a non-priority for government and labs during the pandemic. Supplies are used on child after child and must be kept hygienic. Alcohol and similar products have typically been used in the past to keep disinfected supplies. Where covid-19 is concerned, alcohol of at least 70% does seem to help disinfect surfaces, but I have yet to find any research study or guidance on how to disinfect paints that may have become tainted and need to be used for the remaining children at the event.

– While we all want to get back to having fun and making plans for face painting, safety must come first. I remember the well-versed and very wise saying I used to hear during the days of my own childhood and find it is still an astute and prudent adage to keep in mind… “It’s all fun and games until someone gets their eye poked out.” 😏 As has been the case since the beginning of all of this, things have moved along with a wait-and-see approach. This continues as far as Heather-Feather’s Face Painting is concerned. Who knows what the conditions could be by the time we start to make our usual plans for September / autumn, the holiday season and beyond — more posts to come at that point. I have always and will always put the safety of the kiddos first above all else. I look forward to the days when I can get back to decorating the kids and families of our community safely and, in the meantime, I’ve come up with some exciting news to offer in the way of alternatives. READ ON!

Part 2 — ‘Color Your Own’ Products Available


During these past couple of years, I’ve been keeping busy. The world was changing. This meant that there were new needs and new things to adapt to. In so many more ways, moving online artists became an option for connecting and for to offer what they had to share. Even before the pandemic, however, these things were already shifting. It’s a brand new world and many people have been looking for new ways to have fun, new ways to express their views, and new ways to find what they were looking for. To this end, Heather-Feather’s Face Painting is now starting to offer alternatives for unique and fun parties, community events, and fundraisers.

Enter, ‘Color Your Own’ — a new line of Redbubble products carrying doodle designs created by Heather-Feather (aka artist Heather Home). As an artist, I began my Redbubble and other Print-On-Demand online shops during these past couple of years, under the brand H3designs. Given that I was so very much missing working with the kiddos and families of my community, I have begun to include a special collection of ‘Color Your Own’ items. KEEP READING FOR EVEN MORE TO COME. The ‘Color Your Own’ collection is intended for those who are looking for creative, unique, and fun gifts, party activities, fundraising options, and more… for all ages.

Scroll down to view samples of this new line. If you love unique options, creativity, colour, and supporting local artists, this may be something for you to take a look at, during the pandemic and on-going in the future. Eventually a separate page will be set up here on the website as well as on Facebook. For now you can use this direct link to take you to the ‘Color Your Own’ collection in the H3designs shop… https://www.redbubble.com/people/h3designs/shop?artistUserName=h3designs&asc=u&collections=2754384&iaCode= all-departments&sortOrder=trending

Once to the collection, you will see one product per design. There are 2 options to find what you are looking for…

1) Click on the design you like and then click on the “View This Design On +95 Products” button. Or,

2) Search for a particular product in the “All Categories” menu to view all of these designs on a specific product. You’ll find everything from t-shirts and onesies to stickers to household items and more. Have fun taking a poke about.

For those looking to purchase large orders for big events or corporate gifting, please feel free to use this link to Redbubble’s FAQ page about BULK DISCOUNTS… https://help.redbubble.com/hc/en-us/articles/360024412152 -Do-you-offer-bulk-discounts-

If you are planning to make purchases for a coloring party for a birthday, baby shower, bridal shower, or even just as a gift, I do recommend that you view the product information regarding feasibility of self-colouring, as well as to do a little research on which art supplies would work best to use on that particular product. If you have any questions, please feel free to call or email me.


For those who would like a low-cost / free option for their parties and events, I will soon have completed a series of FREE coloring books and coloring pages available for downloading and printing off. Check back here again this year!

Whether you decide to go with a ‘Color Your Own’ product or a free coloring book, you will be supporting a local artist who has been working with the kiddos of our Peterborough community for decades, putting smiles on faces. All doodles have been created by myself, keeping all ages, genders, cultures, and more in mind. Design requests are welcome, too, if you are planning for a particular theme for your event or gift. Many of the doodles have even been based on the most popular designs wanted by the kiddos when getting their faces painted. More will be added to the ‘Color Your Own’ and coloring book collections on-going.

For those who would like to support a local artist but would prefer designs of other various subjects and mediums, feel free to click around the H3designs shop once you enter the ‘Color Your Own’ collection or by using this direct link to the shop as a whole… https://www.redbubble.com/people/h3designs/shop

I also want to thank everyone in our Peterborough and community area who has supported my business over the past decades and have continued to get in touch during the pandemic. So many businesses have folded during this challenging time and it has done my heart good to know that so many are still wanting services for face painting and other artist-driven options.

Sending smiles and well-wishes to everyone.

Continue to stay safe. 💙💚💛

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