Terri Broughton experiments with Jackson’s Artist Oil Paint

Jackson’s Artist Oil Paints are manufactured in the UK, using specified raw materials from suppliers who share our ethical principles and objectives. Combining high-quality modern pigments and refined linseed oils to create paints that are permanent and lightfast, these colors are carefully considered to provide a full palette and are made to high standards, ensuring they are luminous, vibrant and full of character. Terri Broughton is an accomplished Norfolk artist whose oil paintings tell deeply personal stories that have universal appeal. As an oil painter, we sent Terri a selection of Jackson’s Artist Oil paints to get her thoughts on them.

Review of Jackson’s Oil Paints by Terri Broughton

I was absolutely delighted to receive a large set of Jackson’s Artist Oil Paints and to use their Black Hog Brushes. It is important to me that the paints I use are of high quality and low toxicity and Jackson’s oil paints slot into this remit seamlessly. My materials were delivered very quickly and were packaged well.

I have noticed that paint does vary from brand to brand. There are differences in the type of oil that is used as a binder, the pigments used, the amount of pigment added and the combinations of additives, stabilizers, fillers and dryers. Looking carefully at their paints I notice they combine high quality modern pigments and refined linseed oils. They do not contain any metallic stearates, industrial fillers or anti-skinning agents. I also note that they are made in the UK.

It is extremely helpful to see that all paint boxes and tubes present the corresponding color painted against a black and white strip. This gives a clear indication of the pigment and opacity of each paint is a useful guide, making my color selection more immediate and their storage more practical. These individual paint box containers are easy to store away with the strip at the top facing forwards allowing the artist to see the color required more clearly.

Colors used:

Titanium White

Slow drying, opaque white. Adds opacity to color mixes and significantly lightens tone.

Lemon Yellow

Lemon Yellow is light, bright, and clean, with a slight greenish tinge.

Yellow Ochre

An earth-toned semi-transparent paint.

Indian Yellow

This was added from Gamblin brand and mixed particularly well with the Cadmium Red Genuine paint from Jackson’s.

Sap Green

A warm, dark green. Really useful when mixed with yellow ochre for the overalls of the seated woman.

Viridian Green

Viridian Green is a blue-green dark shade of spring green, between green and teal on the color wheel. Translucent, slightly milky, and velvety.

Cadmium Red Genuine

Cadmium Red Genuine – a deep opaque red with a hint of maroon to its hue. Its approximate complementary is Phthalo Green.

Prussian Blue

A warm very fast drying transparent blue. Its appearance is wonderfully dark and inky. I used this in the background of my painting.

Phthalo Blue

A cool high tinting blue. I used it in tint mixed with Veridian (cool) the strip to the right of the figures

Ivory Black

It is semi-transparent with a slight brown undertone. This was used sparingly over the painting with a touch here or there, in shade.

I was provided with a Black Hog Brush Set of 4, which I used for the more detailed areas of my work in conjunction with my larger brushes. They held their bristles with no shedding and were smooth in paint application.

My recent work Waiting in the wings depicts a dual self-portrait as a puppet and puppeteer. I used my selection of Jackson’s paints finding that Cadmium Red Genuine had a slightly bluer hue to it and it worked well mixed with the Indian yellow in the dress of the lady seated on the lap of the other figure. (The Cad Red Light from Gamblin has a much thicker consistency in comparison to the Jackson’s paint.) This and the Titanium White (A slow drying, opaque white which adds opacity to color mixes well and significantly lightens tone) were significantly outstanding in their field . All of the paints are bright, bold, and of a very good quality.

I began with an Imprimatura mixed from Raw Umber and Yellow Ochre to cover the canvas in a neutral mid tone. They mixed well together and had a ‘buttery’ quality which glided onto my canvas.

My intention was to work from several sketches produced over the week.

A few of my quick working sketches for painting

The paints are easy to mix and have a good all over coverage. Jackson’s literally do what they say ‘on the tin’. They mixed very well with my other paints, Cadmium Red Light, Prussian and Phthalo Blue and Indian Yellow. The paints are bright, bold, and clearly of good quality.

I worked from thin to thick paint and the paints were easy to overlay. See the shoes and boots below which were painted in one pass.

I understand that the brand of the paint will not make me a better painter, but it can make the whole experience of producing a piece of work far more enjoyable and support with the process.

Waiting in the Wings2021
Terri Broughton
Oil on canvas, 120 x 90 cm | 47 x 34.5 in

Terri put Jacksons oil paints and brushes through their paces in the creation of Waiting in the Wings It was the first time she has used Jackson’s paints and brushes, having previously used a variety of specialist paints.

About Terri Broughton

Terri Broughton is an accomplished Norfolk artist whose oil paintings tell deeply personal stories that have universal appeal. Her paintings hint at a deeper meaning, they resonate with those who see them. The power of her paintings is the result of the artful deployment of allegory, symbolism, and metaphor.

You can find out more about Terri Broughton and see more of her work on Facebook: Terri Broughton Artist. Instagram: @terribroughtonartist or on her website: https://terribroughtonart.co.uk

Use or search the Instagram tag #jacksonsmaterials to see more.

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