Introducing Da Vinci Colineo: Vegan Brushes for Watercolour

Natural Kolinsky sable brushes are the traditional choice for watercolor artists, but more and more watercolourists are looking for excellent synthetic alternatives. Here, Lois Davidson reviews Da Vinci’s new Colineo range of synthetic Kolinsky sable watercolor brushes. Trying the new Da Vinci Kolinsky Colineo Brushes, from their new range of synthetic Kolinsky sable watercolor brushes, … Read more

Colour Mixing with the Roman Szmal Aquarius Mixing Palette Watercolour Set

Roman Szmal Aquarius Watercolours have a growing popularity thanks to their vast range of single pigment colours. Here, Lisa Takahashi reviews the 14 full pan Mixing Palette set, and puts their color mixing potential to the test. Roman Szmal Aquarius Watercolor paints are a range of professional artist grade colors that are made in Poland. … Read more

Art Terms Explained: Watercolour Painting

As artists, we encounter a vast amount of terminology while researching, reading and talking about our materials. In this installment of the ‘Art Terms Explained’ series, we explain the meaning of certain commonly-used words, phrases and terms in the context of watercolor painting. Bead / Beading Up Watercolours have a tendency to gather in pools … Read more

A First Look at Roman Szmal’s New Colours within the Aquarius Watercolour range

Roman Szmal’s Aquarius Watercolor range already has a wide collection of 165 colours, most of which are single pigment, which ensures clean mixing and allows artists to really customise the colors on their palette. Roman Szmal have recently announced that they are expanding the range further to include 15 new colors in full pans, including … Read more

Meet the Devon Watercolour Challenge Painters

In the UK, this week saw the return of the popular television series Watercolor Challenge, which was originally aired in the late 1990s. The program follows four amateur watercolor painters as they paint picturesque landscape views within a three hour timeframe, after which a winner is crowned! Every day this week, painters Ken Maharajah, Faye … Read more