Inside the Sketchbook of Juliette Losq

Juliette Losq is an artist whose practice subverts the traditional use of watercolor through scale and complexity both in her paintings and installations. Her sketchbooks are packed with imagery and ideas that she gathers, cuts into, tears through and paints over, on the journey to develop her final compositions. Here, Juliette discusses her process in … Read more

Inside the Sketchbook of Evie Hatch

Evie Hatch is an artist and writer whose sketchbook practice traverses her investigations into drawing, painting, pigments and paint making, as well as recording day-to-day notes. You may already be familiar with Evie from her writing here on the blog, so we’re thrilled to feature a deeper look into her personal practice and share her … Read more

Inside the Sketchbook of Sarah Dyer

Sarah Dyer is a picture book maker and illustrator whose sketchbooks provide the foundation of her ideas, compositions and experiments with a blend of dry and occasionally wet media. The pages of her sketchbooks are a place for learning, packed with narrative sequences, online life drawings and observational drawing on location. Here, she shares her … Read more

Inside the Sketchbook of Akash Bhatt

Akash Bhatt is a mixed media artist whose sketchbook practice is at the core of his work. Here, Akash describes his variety of different sketchbooks, including custom made books, designed for drawing at the different locations and situations he finds himself in, as an unrelenting observer of the world. Akash Bhatt Takes Us Through His … Read more

Inside the Sketchbook of Kay Gasei

Kay Gasei creates mixed-media artworks that contain symbolism, and follow the narratives of various figures, objects and characters. In this article, he tells us about how his daily use of different sketchbooks helps him to develop ideas while exploring the potential of his chosen art materials. Kay Gasei Takes us Through his Sketchbook Practice I’m … Read more