Oil painting of the allotment in Pilton, Somerset showing vegetables & shed Liam O’Farrell

An oil painting of the allotment in Pilton, Somerset During the lockdowns, I decided to embark on a large project based in my home village of Pilton, Somerset. I mused over a few ideas but finally settled on the village allotment. Over the years I have painted many allotments, some real locations and many manufactured … Read more

A Guide to Oil Painting – What You Need to Get Started

In this film, Lisa Takahashi covers everything you need to know about getting started in oil painting, including pigments, brushes, palettes, and much more. Watch the film and find a list of contents with timestamps below to navigate your way through the various topics and commonly asked questions that Lisa discusses. Contents: Part One – … Read more

Art Terms Explained: Oil Painting

As artists, we encounter a vast amount of terminology while researching and reading about our materials. In this article, we explain the meaning of certain commonly-used words, phrases and terms in the context of oil painting. Alkyd ‘Alkyd’ is a combination of the words ‘alcohol’ and ‘acid’. In oil painting, it refers to an oil-modified … Read more

Terri Broughton experiments with Jackson’s Artist Oil Paint

Jackson’s Artist Oil Paints are manufactured in the UK, using specified raw materials from suppliers who share our ethical principles and objectives. Combining high-quality modern pigments and refined linseed oils to create paints that are permanent and lightfast, these colors are carefully considered to provide a full palette and are made to high standards, ensuring … Read more