Art Materials Recommendations by Artists at Jackson’s

Find out art materials recommendations from the team of painters, printmakers, illustrators and designers on the team at Jackson’s. These artists work closely with the vast range of materials available at and here they have selected some of their favorites and shared how they use the materials in their own art practice. Belle Arti … Read more

Art Materials Recommended by Artists at Jackson’s

Jackson’s offers a vast range of art materials and as a team of practicing artists ourselves, we are dedicated to helping you find the colours, surfaces, brushes, and tools that you need for your practice. Here, some of the artists at Jackson’s have recommended their favorite art materials and shared what they love about using … Read more

Vivienne Rew: Botanical Structures – Jackson’s Art Blog

Vivienne Rew was the winner of the People’s Choice Award in the Jackson’s Painting Prize 2021 with her work Thistledown. Here, she tells us about the nature of the objects she paints and shares some insight into her studio practice. Voting for these years People’s Choice Award opens on Wednesday 23rd March. Until then you … Read more

Portrait Painting on Jackson’s Aluminium Panels

Canvas has been the most popular painting surface for hundreds of years and has a range of benefits – it’s lightweight and has excellent absorbency, as well as a woven texture which artists love. For some painters, however, the rigidity of a board or panel offers the perfect surface. Aluminum panels have a number of … Read more

Terri Broughton experiments with Jackson’s Artist Oil Paint

Jackson’s Artist Oil Paints are manufactured in the UK, using specified raw materials from suppliers who share our ethical principles and objectives. Combining high-quality modern pigments and refined linseed oils to create paints that are permanent and lightfast, these colors are carefully considered to provide a full palette and are made to high standards, ensuring … Read more

Claudia Kennaugh: Jackson’s Painting Prize 2022 Expert Judge

Claudia Kennaugh is the final judge we have to welcome to the panel for the Jackson’s Painting Prize 2022. Claudia is the founder of Art & People, a Bristol-based art advisory service offering guidance to artists and collectors. Here she tells us how she became an Art Advisor and shares her advice to those entering … Read more

Two Painters Try Jackson’s Artist Acrylic Paint

Two painters, Fred Ingrams and Mark Jessett tried Jackson’s Artist Acrylic paint to see how it handled when applied to their existing painting practices. Here they share their findings on colour, viscosity, labeling, packaging and price point and some of the work they made using Jackson’s Acrylic Paint. Above image: Work in Progress by Mark … Read more