Jarvis Brookfield Reviews AV Fluid Acrylic Paints

UK-based artist Jarvis Brookfield has been painting with acrylics for a number of years, creating dream-like works which celebrate a reverence for nature and the human experience. Jarvis wrote a review on jacksonsart.com explaining his discovery of Vallejo’s fluid acrylics and how they suit his painting style, so we asked him to expand on his … Read more

Everything You Need to Know About Acrylic Painting Paper

Acrylic painting papers either have an embossed texture that replicates a canvas weave, or a cold pressed surface identical to watercolour paper. The texture provides resistance, so when you drag a brush loaded with paint across its surface, the paint adheres to the texture and is held in place. This article, taken from our Paper … Read more

5 Creative Ways to Embellish Boring Acrylic Pours

Have you ever poured a painting that’s pretty, but not mind-blowing? Many of us have a stash of pours that we can’t seem to part with…pours that are good, but not “great”. Luckily, this is art we’re talking about! Just because you don’t love a pour doesn’t mean you can’t still use it for other … Read more

How to Mix Your Own Purple Acrylic Paint with Colors You Already Have

Inspiration strikes at funny times; sometimes it strikes when you’re standing in the paint aisle, and sometimes it strikes at 10 pm when the stores are closed and you’re missing one color! There should be a few staple colors in every artist’s paint color cabinet: Red or Magenta Yellow Blue or Cyan … Read more

Two Painters Try Jackson’s Artist Acrylic Paint

Two painters, Fred Ingrams and Mark Jessett tried Jackson’s Artist Acrylic paint to see how it handled when applied to their existing painting practices. Here they share their findings on colour, viscosity, labeling, packaging and price point and some of the work they made using Jackson’s Acrylic Paint. Above image: Work in Progress by Mark … Read more