New Encaustic Beeswax Sculpture titled “Spring Sunrise” Release

Brighten Up Your Life with a New Artwork!

Enhance your living space with a new color scheme variation for my encaustic sculpture. This cabbage coral beeswax sculpture is titled “Spring Sunrise.” It’s a full-color healthy coral and is one of about four other new color schemes coming in the future. This sculpture is unique because it was the first in a new series that took about 5 months to develop. Built by hand from four, two-part silicone molds that produces a thicker layer of wax and one that is more stable and archival. Made from naturally bleached beeswax and pastel pigment, its made to last the test of time as is other artworks from antiquities.

Previously, it took about a month to create each completed piece, and it was like solving a 3-D puzzle for each new sculpture. It was a highly complex process that was very stressful and took away the fun part of making art! Now, my production times are more efficient, and shipping typically happens two weeks after purchase.


I was relieved to get this packed for shipping and delivered via FedEx to a new client before Christmas 2021. We texted while she opened the box when she exclaimed, “It is soooooo gorgeous!” and later said, “I could swear it’s blooming!” I made the packaging easy to remove, and she had a surface in her display cabinet all ready to go. I was glad I could add to the joy of her holiday season with a new addition to her living room decor!

Size is perfect for an apartment or smaller home

This encaustic 3D object is small enough at 6″ x 6″ x 6″ inches and protected by a clear acrylic case (included) making it at total dimension at 8″ x 8″ x 8″. The case keeps dust and little hands off the sculpture. I have found when I exhibit my sculptures, folks are very curious, have never seen such a unique sculpture before and are compelled to want to touch it. Which they should never do. So I include a case in the total price, for your convenience and to keep the artwork safe for many years to come. Perfect size for a table centerpiece, wedding table centerpiece or custom-made art give-aways for wedding guests. Fill out my contact page for info about bulk orders, time-frames, and discounts.


Because this sculpture is formed, with purely naturally-bleached pharmaceutical grade beeswax only, the material passes light through it, and glows internally from a nearby lamp which gives the sense of a living creature in your presence. It’s great as a conversation piece, can be used as a table centerpiece during dinner parties or when visitors stop by, it will definitely catch their eye! And for the more environmentally minded guests, can be used as a way to talk about ocean conservation. You can explain that it’s a type of cabbage coral currently impacted by ocean acidification. This sculpture is one that is considered a “healthy” version with an inspired color scheme not generally found on the ocean floor.

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