How to Create Landscape Pours

If you’ve been pouring a long time, you’ve probably thought…what’s next? Pouring is fun and the results are unique every time you pour, but the same techniques can become repetitive and predictable. In this article, we’re going to tackle a more advanced topic; the landscape pour. We’ll talk about how to embellish a poured background … Read more

Review of the new Michael Harding Coloured Primers

Michael Harding has released a new range of Non-Absorbent Acrylic Primers, coming in a variety of colors perfect for priming your surface with a tone of your choice. The primers are designed specifically to protect your surface and ensure that your painting will look its best for years to come. Oftentimes, standard acrylic primers can … Read more

In•ter•stice: (noun) a small intervening space | 31st Annual Contemporary Finnish American Artist Series Exhibition | Finlandia University Gallery

31st Contemporary Finnish American Artist Series | Finlandia University I created a meditative slide show for the Zoom opening for Interstice that I hope you’ll enjoy. It’s now on Vimeo. Please pass along to those you think would be interested in contemplating the role of technology in our modern lives. And perhaps before viewing, might … Read more

Outreach – Alan Reed Art

Watercolor of the Angel of the North Junction 42 Here’s an update on what’s been going on in the last 12 months with my work at Junction 42. I’ve been working part time for this North East Charity since March 2018. My main role is an Outreach Worker with ex-offenders who are out of work. … Read more

Vanity Galleries | Photo Encaustic with Clare O’Neill

When is it OK to Pay-to-Play? To some extent we all pay-to-play in the art world. We must spend money to get our work seen. Essentially if you’ve ever been part of an art fair, you’re engaged in pay-to-pay. You’ve paid money for the privilege of a space where you can spend time meeting collectors, … Read more

Inexpensive Activities for Family Fun this Summer

By day two of the summer holidays it is common for parents to have already become accustomed to the chorus of ‘I’m bored’ and ‘I’m hungry.’ It is almost impossible to avoid these chants entirely but you can certainly take the proactive approach and reduce their frequency! This isn’t necessarily about the big holidays or … Read more

New Encaustic Beeswax Sculpture titled “Spring Sunrise” Release

Brighten Up Your Life with a New Artwork! Enhance your living space with a new color scheme variation for my encaustic sculpture. This cabbage coral beeswax sculpture is titled “Spring Sunrise.” It’s a full-color healthy coral and is one of about four other new color schemes coming in the future. This sculpture is unique because … Read more